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Address 551 Iba-cho, Ogawa-dori Kamidachiuri agaru, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
Holiday Every 2nd Saturday, Sundays & public holidays
Business time 9:00~18:00
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Rich glow of gold brocade
At Orisho Hirai, silk threads are intertwined with gold threads and woven into splendid gold brocade priest robes. According to the Nishijin weaving tradition, the umebata loom is installed below ground level to create the perfect condition for weaving—humidity softens the silk threads, making them easier to deal with. Kyoto traditional technique called hikibaku consists of affixing gold leaves on a sheet of washi paper with lacquer, cutting it into extremely thin filaments (about 0.3 mm) and weaving the obtained gold threads into the silk fabric for the luxurious three-dimensional effect.

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[019-01] Entry level:A visit to a traditional textile gold brocade factory Show detail

Atelier visit

Listen to the sounds of traditional handloom and feel the particular atmosphere of the atelier producing handwoven gold brocades.

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Reservation deadline: 3days before
Number of participants: 1~6 people
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about 1.5 hour

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Our visit to the Atelier of Orishao Hirai was the most memorable experience, and was one of our most favourite...

Craftsman profile

Mikio Hirai

Mikio Hirai


1969 Born in Kyoto
Studied Mandarin Chinese in the Language Institute
1991 Entered Hirai Weaving Store (current Orisho Hirai Ltd.)
Became engaged in the production of handwoven gold brocade priest robes
2007 Was certified as a Kyoto Prefecture Kyo-mono Master Craftsman
Won the Kyoto Young Craftsmen Skills Contest
2008 Became a certified Traditional Craftsman of Nishijin weaving
2012 Was certified as a Kyoto City’s Master Craftsman of the Future

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