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Address 121 Kainokami-cho, Aburanokoji-dori Kamichojamachi agaru, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
Holiday Sundays & public holidays
Business time 9:00~17:00
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Sacred purity of unfinished wood
The studio is specializing in woodworking, producing furnishings and votive objects for Shinto shrines and religious ceremonies. Ceremonial implements are generally made of unfinished wood without any lacquer coating. Beautiful white-grained hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood is believed to represent the concept of purity so important in Shinto religion. Sometimes artisan even purifies himself and puts on white clothing before starting to work. The impressive array of assembled woodwork planes can tell you a remarkable story of Kyoto traditional wood joint-making and bending techniques.

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Price ¥200~¥1,000,000
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[018-01] Entry level : Experience the Japan’s indigenous religion rooted in the Japanese society. Show detail

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Don't miss a rare chance to enter the hidden world of Shinto ritual articles maker which supplies the shrines and festivals not only in Kyoto, but also all over the country.

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Reservation deadline: 3days before
Number of participants: 2~6 people
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about 1 hour

Craftsman profile

Keitaro Maki

Keitaro Maki


Born in 1977.
Is employed in the production and restoration of ritual articles and votive objects at Maki Shinto Ritual Articles Store.
Learned the traditional techniques from his father and grandfather.
Nobuyuki Maki

Nobuyuki Maki


Born in 1949.
2005 Succeeded as the 3rd-generation representative of his family business.
2014 Was recognized as a Kyoto Prefecture Traditional Craftsman of Excellence

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