Kyoto crafts shopping spotlight: Nishiki textiles


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To finish our visit to KOHO Nishiki Textile Studio and loom weaving experience on a colourful note, we took a sneak peek at the Studio’s shop and its treasures. Some pieces are artworks and unique creations, others are original goods and accessories.

KOHO Nishiki is well-known for the creation of intricate kimono obi sashes and various commission pieces for the Imperial Family and large Japanese corporations. If you’re visiting, don’t be shy and ask to show you some!

It is interesting that some international visitors buy obi sashes for decoration purposes. These sashes are considered to be artworks and could be adapted to be displayed on the wall like hanging scrolls. Usually, obi sashes are quite long (3,5+ meters), but sometimes shorter pieces are available for purchase.

The wonderful thing is, you’ll find something for every budget here. You don’t have to purchase a multi-thousand dollar obi sash as a souvenir from Kyoto and a sample of Nishiki weaving, you have an array of very affordable accessories to choose from.

If you’re like me and prefer to buy something you’d want to use in everyday life, feel free to browse bags, pouches, coin purses, key chains and earrings on display.

Here are some shopping ideas for you:

Switching from a plain generic meishi-ire (or business card case) to a one made from Nishiki textile is a stylish way to make an unforgettable first impression, wow a potential client or customer and start a conversation.

Also, if you wish to add an original touch to your business suit attire, opt for a traditional-patterned and fashionable necktie.

By buying Nishiki textile goods you support Kyoto traditional industries and local craftsmen, and also help to preserve precious techniques to be passed on to the next generations.

If you plan to visit & shop KOHO Nishiki Textile Studio, book your experience here:

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