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Asada Kawara Factory

[038-01-01] Advanced level: Atelier visit & Shoki-san making experience (1~3person)

Atelier visitWorkshop

Learn about Kyo-gawara production from 3rd generation master craftsman, the last maker of traditional handmade tiles.

 Maybe you've already noticed a figure of bearded man with a scary but attractive face settled on the roofs of machiya, traditional wooden buildings in Kyoto? In fact, this guardian deity called Shoki-san is made of roof tile clay. Learn the secrets of Kyo-gawara making from 3rd generation master craftsman, the last producer of traditional handmade tiles, and make your own one and only Shoki-san molded with clay. The artisan will fire it in a kiln and send it to you one month later.
※The payment by cash on delivery in Kansai region will cost 740 yen.
※Those who wish Shoki-san to be delivered overseas, please consult the factory.
※Shoki-san can also be retrieved at the factory.

Location: Inside of the atelier・Indoors
Reservation deadline: 3days before
Facility conditions: Standing / Chair / Clothes may get dirty
Number of participants: 1~3 people
Time Required:
about 3.5 hours


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