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Asada Kawara Factory
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Holiday Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays
Business time 9:30~18:00
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Silvery gloss created by careful polishing
Silvery gloss is the greatest feature of Kyo-gawara, the tiles that cover the roofs of temples and shrines. Kyoto tiles are made from high-quality clay, polished with a metal spatula until they are shiny and fired in a kiln at a high temperature. Asada Kawara is the only factory which still produces Kyoto tiles by hand. Onigawara (ridge-end tiles bearing the face of a demon), an indispensable element of traditional buildings, are reproduced here for restoration purposes after a thorough research about their style, materials and production method.

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Price ¥1,000~a few million yen
Price example Shoki-san ¥20,000
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[038-01]Atelier visit & Shoki-san making experience Show detail

Atelier visitWorkshop

Learn about Kyo-gawara production from 3rd generation master craftsman, the last maker of traditional handmade tiles.

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Reservation deadline: 2days before
Number of participants: 7~12 people
Time Required:
about 3.5 hours

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Masahisa Asada

Masahisa Asada


After graduating from the Osaka Institute of Technology in 1972, he entered his family business, Asada Kawara Factory, that was founded by his grandfather in 1913 in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto. Besides the roof tiles, he creates other products, such as popular Shoki-san straps or lampshades.

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