Kyoto crafts shopping spotlight: Karakami paper goods


Here at the Kyoto Artisans Concierge, we strongly believe that traditional crafts make the best souvenirs. You may think that we’re a little biased, but what possibly be better than a handmade item that you can use in your everyday life, for decoration purposes or simply something to bring home to your family and friends, something you’re sure is of high quality?

If you choose to participate in one of Karakami workshops that we offer, you’ll have a wonderful possibility of karakami paper goods shopping at the end of your woodblock printing experience. No need to wrack your head over gift ideas or souvenirs from Kyoto!

While Karakami paper is mainly used for Japanese sliding doors, you can still find some practical pieces which can be used in Western-style interiors, such as lighting, wall art panels or decorative paper.

The washi paper lovers have an array of choices of postcards, letter sets, Goshuin-book and boxes.

The most popular product appears to be the Karakami experience kit, a set of small magnolia woodblocks(Postcard-size), paints with the mortar and saucer to mix them and brush. A perfect gift for a family member or a friend who can’t travel to Kyoto and participate in a karakami workshop just yet!

Smaller stamp kits with the patterns of four seasons are available as well.

If you plan to come to Kyoto, visit a Kyo-karakami paper printing studio and try your hand at the karakami printing technique, book your experience here: Karakami atelier visit and printing workshops

Words & images by Anastasiya Bulkavets (