A nationwide travel discount program and 5 New Programs.


Dear readers,

 Kyoto Artisans Concierge is pleased to introduce the contents of five new hands-on workshops through our website starting this October. While some studios are still in a state of temporary suspension due to the impact of COVID-19. For the first time in two years, we are pleased to announce our new programs.

 The Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) has announced that it will launch a nationwide travel support program from October 11 to late December in order to stimulate tourism demand throughout the country. At the same time, as we reported last week, it was also announced that the government has decided to lift visa requirement for foreign visitors and the limited cap of entries a day and also begin accepting international individual travelers.

 Attention all those who are planning to travel to Japan and Kyoto. It is finally time for us to come to help you.

 However, when visiting Kyoto, we still hope that people will enjoy the exchange program with artisans through the Kyoto Artisan’s Concierge by observing minimum infection control measures and new normal.

 New Artisans’ Workshop:

① Nishijin brocade.・Kyoto Yuzen. : Masuya Takao

Kyoto lacquerware : Takagi Shikko

Kyo-yaki・Kiyomizu-yaki Pottery  :   Soryu-Gama

Kyoto Shikishi, Tanzaku and Waboncho paper :Nishikawa Paper Industry

Kyo-Takekogei(Bamboo crafts)    :   Yokoyama Bamboo Products & Co.

 Please apply from the above link.

 We also continue to strive to develop new program for the future.


 Text, Editing, and Photos: Museum of Arts and Crafts: Yutaka Sato