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Address 1 Higashikujo Aketa-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto
Holiday Open year-round
Business time 9:00~17:00
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The warm simplicity of Raku ware pottery
Rakunyu-gama is a kiln mastering the traditional techniques of Raku-yaki, highly prized pottery used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Its activities are centered around the production of matcha tea bowls, as well as various flower vases, incense containers and plates. As Raku ware is moulded by hand without the use of a potter’s wheel, its charm lies in a warm and rustic appearance. Developed as a part of Kyoto culture, its technique and texture differ from those of the typical Kyoto ware. Along with the creation of Raku-yaki, characterized by low-temperature firing, Rakunyu-gama is also striving to create light-colored ceramics.

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Price ¥10,000~¥50,000
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Reservation deadline: 3days before
Number of participants: 2~8 people
Credit card OK
Time Required:
about 3 hours

Craftsman profile

Rakunyu Yoshimura

Rakunyu Yoshimura


1959 Born in Kyoto as the eldest son of Rakunyu Yoshimura
1984 Graduated from the Prefectural Pottery Training Institute and became his father’s apprentice
1989 Founded Rakunyu-gama and is currently the company’s president
2000 Received a seal from Sennyu-ji Kumagaya Tatsuhisa Osho
2001 Became a certified Traditional Craftsman
2004 Succeeded to the name of Manpukudo Yoshimura Rakunyu
2011 Was certified as a Kyoto City’s Master Craftsman of the Future

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