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Holiday Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays
Business hours 10:00~17:00
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● The one and only “magic mirror” maker
Yamamoto Alloy Works is a maker of wakyo, handcrafted Japanese-style bronze mirrors. Besides the production of devotional mirrors for Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples from all over Japan, the atelier also deals with restoration of old Japanese mirrors preserved in museums. The secret craft of makyo, or “magic mirrors” that project images when light is reflected on them, was passed down in Yamamoto family. The company has been protecting precious mirror making techniques, such as traditional sand mold casting method, for five generations.

Holiday Saturdays,Sundays,public,holidays
Business hours 10:00~16:00
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● Feel the history of Nishijin brocades in an old Kyoto machiya
Established in 1906, Watabun is a long-standing shop specializing in Nishijin silk brocades. From yarn dyeing and warping to weaving gorgeous obi sashes by hand and Noh costume restoration, the establishment protects the original Nishijin-ori techniques by maintaining the traditional system of division of labour. Watabun is situated in Daikoku-cho district, the heart of Nishijin textile industry with numerous weaving companies standing side by side. Orinasukan, a textile museum adjoining the workshop, has an architectural style characteristic of Nishijin weavers’ houses. Watabun and its neighbourhood with traditional Kyoto merchant houses and stone paving is a perfect place to feel the history of old Kyoto.