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[011-04]Atelier visit & loom weaving experience (lampshade)

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Become a fan of Tsuzure-ori tapestry weaving by meeting and talking to Kikuo Hirano, the distinguished expert in his field decorated with the Order of the Sacred Treasure Award!

How about a challenge of Japanese handloom weaving? Create your own lampshade, one and only in the world. Nishijin nail-scratching tapestry weaving is produced without any use of machine or paper stencil. For this reason, all the Tsuzure-ori woven works are in fact one-of-a-kind items. Have fun weaving such an item with the color and pattern of your choice and enjoy the warm ambient light of your handmade lampshade. ※LED light bulb is sold separately (+1,500 yen)

Location: Inside of the atelier・Indoors
Reservation deadline: On the same day
Facility conditions: Chair / Shoes off
Number of participants: 2~2 people
In case of 4 participants, please contact us.
Credit card OKSame-day reservation OK
Time Required:
3 hours


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