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[002-01]Atelier visit & Tea ceremony experience

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Observe the different steps of creating a piece of Japanese lacquerware, from the wooden base making to the actual lacquering and maki-e decoration.

Get acquainted with each step of the lacquerware production process (woodturning, polishing, lacquering, maki-e decoration and other). Kyoto lacquerware is created in a world of unparalleled craftsmanship. Choice of materials, time and effort spent at application of multiple layers of lacquer, reinforcing the corners with sabi coating, original decorating techniques -- every step of the process is carefully executed for producing a high-quality item of subtle beauty. Elegant design, strength, smooth beautiful surface and delicate finish of angles are the original features of Kyoto lacquerware. Feel free to observe and learn more about them during your visit to the studio.

Location: Inside of the atelier・Indoors
Reservation deadline: On the same day
Facility conditions: Standing / Tatami room / Shoes off
Number of participants: 1~5 people
Same-day reservation OK
Time Required:
1 hour


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