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[033-01]Atelier visit (with Haori kitsune doll offered as a gift)

[033-01]Atelier visit (with Haori kitsune doll offered as a gift)

Atelier visitShopping

Fushimi dolls are said to be the ancestors of all the varieties of clay dolls in Japan. Feel the atmosphere of the only shop that continues the doll production.

Fushimi ningyo figurines are molded with clay, fired in a kiln, and then decorated with gofun (white chalk pigment) and colored mineral pigments. They are created during one-year cycles. Nowadays, the traditional methods of production remain constant, except for the replacement of the fire-burning kilns with electric kilns due to environmental considerations. At Tanka, you can observe different production stages that vary according the season.

Location: Inside of the atelier
Reservation deadline: 2days before
Facility conditions: Standing
Number of participants: 1~8 people
Remarks: We will refuse visits of customers during the busy season.
Time Required:
about 0.5 hour


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