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Seikodo Nakajima

[032-01]Atelier visit

Atelier visit

Observe different steps of mounting work process for Urasenke tea ceremony school.

In Kyoto, the craft of mounting has developed due to the high demand provided by the sheer amount of temples and shrines, head families of the tea ceremony schools and imperial court. The high quality textiles used for mounting are also conveniently made in Kyoto Nishijin area. At Seikodo Nakajima, you can watch traditional techniques to reinforce calligraphy and painting by lining with paper or cloth, decorate them properly.

Location: Inside of the atelier
Reservation deadline: 2days before
Facility conditions: Standing
Number of participants: 2~10 people
Remarks: In some cases, the photography of craftworks is prohibited. Please get the permission before taking pictures at the atelier.
Time Required:
about 0.75 hour


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