Workshop Information

Hayashi Ryushodo

[031-01]Incense shop visit with monko (“listening to incense”) experience and a gift (scent bag)


Experience time travel in a long-established incense shop.

Hayashi Ryushodo is a long-established shop producing and selling incense. Being an essential part of Kyoto culture, it was always widely used in the form of chipped incense or incense sticks in Buddhist temples, or was enjoyed in the form of incense pastilles and scent bags in the elegant culture of the Imperial Court. Nowadays, it brings comfort to our everyday life. Besides learning about incense raw materials and production methods, Hayashi Ryushodo gives you a wonderful opportunity to experience monko, or “listening to incense”, and offers you a small scent bag as a gift to make your trip to Kyoto even more memorable.

Location: Inside of the atelier
Reservation deadline: 2days before
Facility conditions: Chair
Number of participants: 1~5 people
Time Required:
about 0.75 hour


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