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Sanadahimo Enami

[029-03]Atelier visit & sanadahimo accessory workshop (strap)


Learn about traditional sanadahimo cords from the 15th-generation master craftsman, who was a special adviser to “Sanada Maru” historical drama series on NHK TV

The role of sanadahimo cord was very important indeed : from its colour and pattern one would guess who its owner was and from the way of tying the cord one could say if the content of a box was genuine or switched.. Learn about the history and secrets of sanadahimo cords from the 15th-generation master craftsman and choose from 20~30 varieties of cords the one you like the best to make a strap with it.

Location: Inside of the atelier
Reservation deadline: 2days before
Facility conditions: Tatami room / Shoes off
Number of participants: 2~20 people
English OK
Time Required:
about 1 hour


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    Y. N. Attended as friends


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