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Tsujigahana Tie-dyeing Atelier ESHIBORIAN

[021-07] Atelier visit & sekka-shibori stole natural dyeing workshop (you can take the stole with you on the same day)

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How about making a unique stole using natural dyes and sekka-shibori dyeing technique at an atelier located in a place full of nature at the foot of Mt. Hiei?

Sekka shibori is a dyeing technique that consists of folding a piece of cloth, fitting it between boards and dipping it in the dye. Depending on the way of folding and dipping, various patterns (flowers, circles, stripes) can be created. After exercising on a cotton handkerchief, you will dye a 45×170cm sized silk Georgette stole. You will have a choice of several colours: madder (orange), gold, yellow, walnut, red, purple and beige. ※You can take the stole with you on the same day.

Location: Inside of the atelier
Reservation deadline: 2days before
Facility conditions: Tatami room / Clothes may get dirty / Shoes off
Number of participants: 2~5 people
Remarks: Tea and sweets included.
Start at 10:00am~11:00pm or 13:00pm~15:00pm.
English OKCredit card OK
Time Required:
about 2 hours


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