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Tsujigahana Tie-dyeing Atelier ESHIBORIAN

[021-04] Atelier visit & tsujigahana furoshiki dyeing workshop (you can take the furoshiki with you on the same day)

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How about making a unique furoshiki using tsujigahana technique at an atelier located in a place full of nature at the foot of Mt. Hiei?

This workshop allows you to make a unique 75×75cm sized cotton furoshiki by using traditional tsujigahana dyeing techniques, such as hitome-shibori, kasa-shibori, boshi-shibori, nuishime-shibori or bakudan-shibori. Here you can try your hand at different steps of the dyeing process : after binding the pattern already traced on a piece of cloth with threads, you will dye and unbind it. You will have a choice of 6 colours to create chrysanthemum, Chinese bellflower or plum blossom patterns.

Location: Inside of the atelier
Reservation deadline: 2days before
Facility conditions: Tatami room
Number of participants: 2~5 people
Remarks: Postage fee is not included in the price.
Tea and sweets included.
Start at 13:00pm.
English OKCredit card OK
Time Required:
about 3 hours


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