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[015-01]Atelier visit & sake cup making experience


Offer yourself a chance to make the one and only sake cup in the world using the Raku ware "hand-shaping technique".

Create your own unique sake cup in the workshop specializing in the Raku ware production. (Due to the time necessary to complete the piece by firing, it will be shipped to you later.) Raku ware is characterized by being hand-shaped without the use of the potter’s wheel, by short-timed firing in the kiln and high water absorption rate. Even now this pottery is valued for its natural appearance which goes well with the philosophy of Sen no Rikyu (famous tea master who perfected the tea ceremony) and is therefore indispensable to the Japanese tea culture. Enjoy spending extraordinary time in Manpukudo, the place which witnesses the fusion of traditional Raku ware and modern ceramic art.

Location: Inside of the atelier・Indoors
Reservation deadline: 2days before
Facility conditions: Chair / Shoes off
Number of participants: 2~8 people
English OK
Time Required:
about 1 hour


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