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Holiday Sundays
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Uniqueness of subtle green glaze
UNRAKU-gama kiln holds a special place in the rich Kyo-yaki / Kiyomizu-yaki pottery tradition. Kyoto-style earthenware produced here is well-known for its original traditional patterns depicting the beauty of nature, meticulously painted over smooth surface. Slightly greenish aomatto glaze has become the most representative feature of UNRAKU-gama production. Skillful potter pays attention to the conditions of firing, which may eventually bring out the whiteness or crystallization of the glaze. This innovative kiln was the first in the national ceramics industry to introduce the practice of firing in an electric kiln, making a huge contribution to the world of Japanese pottery tradition.

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Don't miss the sight of a small teapot taking shape in the artisan's skillful hands.

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Reservation deadline: 2days before
Number of participants: 1~10 people
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about 1 hour

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It is the second time I was visiting Kyoto and the participation in the atelier organised by Kyoto Artisans Co...

Craftsman profile

Unraku Saito

Unraku Saito


1928 Born in Gojo-zaka, Kyoto
1946 Became an apprentice of his father, Unraku Saito II
1950 Became an independent potter in Gojo-zaka and took the name of Unraku Saito III
1963 Undertook a successful research project on the high-temperature firing in an electric kiln
1965 Developed the original green glaze (aomatto) and red glaze (akamatto)
1968 Moved to the Kiyomizu-yaki Pottery Complex
1977 Received the title of Traditional Craftsman
1989 Won the Kyoto Traditional Industries Distinguished Service Award

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