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Kanaya Gorosaburo
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Holiday Sundays & public holidays
Business time 8:30~19:00
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● Passing down the tradition of smithing for 16 generations
Well-known for its tea utensils and flower vases, Kanaya Gorosaburo has been creating fine metal products for more than 400 years and 16 generations. Freely using various smithing techniques such as hammering, casting and engraving, this workshop is also known for its unique metal colouring method called “Goro sanshoku” transmitted from father to son for generations. In recent years, Kanaya Gorosaburo has been breathing new life into the traditional smithing techniques by creating different metal implements and fittings for Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. The impressive array of tools assembled in the workshop indicates the depth of its smithing tradition.

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Atelier visit

Distinguished family transmitting skills of traditional smithing that were praised by Hideyoshi.

Reservation deadline: On the same day
Number of participants: 2~5 people
Same-day reservation OK
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0.75 hour

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16th-generation master craftsman Kanaya Gorosaburo

16th-generation master craftsman Kanaya Gorosaburo


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