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Holiday Bon period & New year holidays
Business time 10:00~17:00
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● Kyoto braided cords: indispensable supporting actors of Japanese culture
Kyo-kumihimo, or Kyoto braided cords, combine both ornamental and practical use and are widely used in kimono clothing, tea utensils, Buddhist ritual implements and other elements of Japanese culture. During the long history of this craft, as many as 3,500 ways of braiding were developed for a broad range of applications. Yarn dyeing, braiding, knotting and other production processes are usually completed by division of labour, but Showen Kumihimo is one of the rare braided cord makers to deal with all these operations. Along with mastering traditional handmade techniques, the studio has also the ability to mass-produce high-quality kumihimo on a braiding machine in order to respond to the increasing demand from fashion and interior design industries.

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[007-01]Braided cord making experience 詳細表示


Learn the techniques of famous Kyoto cord braiding and make your own unique braided cord.

Reservation deadline: 1week before
Number of participants: 1~4 people
Time Required:
about 1 hour

Craftsman profile

Shun Hatta

Shun Hatta


1983 Born in Kyoto
2002 Entered the Faculty of Economics of the Kinki University
2006 After graduation, became familiar with the world of craftsmanship through a variety of activities
2011 Joined Showen Kumihimo and became engaged in the production of braided cords on a braiding machine
2015 Entered the company’s sales department, where he is currently pursuing numerous business planning and product development projects using his actual knowledge of kumihimo manufacturing